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10 reasons why digitals are not enough. Boston Photographer explains.

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Digitals are great for sharing your maternity and newborn photos with friends and family on social media. However, digital files are not enough to make these photos last through generations. Below are a few reasons why.

1. Digitals files can get lost

Everyone has lost a phone or purchased a new laptop and lost their old photos. Too often the technology we store these photos in become damaged, lost or obsolete before we have a chance to print. Computers crash, Icloud storage gets full, CDs... Well, they dont exist anymore. I was so disappointed to find out my ultrasound photos were delivered in CDs just two years ago. My MacBook does not take CDs and my husband never got a chance to see the videos, just the prints that I still have saved in an album that I will gift to my daughter one day.

2. Saved digitals deteriate

Most non photographers don't realize that Jpeg files deteriorate over time the more you open and save them.

3. Nostalgia of prints

Professional photos are an investment. Think bout the time and money you took to prep for these photos. The important stuff is not where you save money. These photos are meant to trigger smiles and memories and both are tied touch. I still enjoying going through albums when I bring my children to visit my mother. I hope to inherit those photos one day and sit with my grandchildren, comparing newborn photos and telling them stories about our loved ones.

4. Not all labs are created equal

There is so much more to printing high quality pictures than driving to your local Walgreens. In order to receive a great quality print labs need your correct color profile settings to match their ink, certain colors pop on specific paper, there is file format, resolution, etc. In some cases you can get it all right and issues still arise. In this case, it's easier for a photographer that has a rapport with a lab to get the issue resolved.

5. Prints make great gifts

Grandparents love having photos of their grand children. My grandmother is 86 and I love visiting her. Partly because she is the sweetest woman in the planet but also because it's fun seeing photos of us of all ages all over her home.

6. You're too busy

The reality is we’re all too busy to take on the task of printing photos. Majority of us have lost pictures we never got around to printing, myself included. When I had to get a new MacBook, I refused to carry over all my photos to the new one. I didn't want to tie up all my memory. What I failed to realize on time was that my son's first trip to Disney along with pictures of him with my father who has since passed away were in that old laptop.

I've created my packages to incentivize my clients to purchase wall art for their home, digitals to share with friends and family and albums to pass down to their children.

If you are in Southern New Hampshire and interested in photos, ask about our Create-a-collection packages by submitting a booking inquiry

Vanessa Keo Photography is a New Hampshire Photographer Specializing in Maternity and Newborn Portraits Serving Amherst New Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

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