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5 Reasons to hire an In-Home Newborn Photographer | Boston Newborn Photographer Explains.

Let's talk about the benefits of having an in-home newborn session!

I am Vanessa Keo of Vanessa Keo Photography, a Boston Newborn Photographer. A lot of my Boston clients choose to have a In-home now that I relocated in Merrimack, NH and they love it!

In-home sessions offer the same service as an in studio photoshoot with the comfort having of not having to leave you home. If you have other children or your Hubby who is not to keen in spending 4 hours at a studio, this could be the best option for your family. Don't worry about the aesthetic of our home. I provide all of the sets down to the wood floor used during the session.

photo of newborn baby girl in cute headband and white dress sleeping taken by Newborn Photographer Vanessa Keo in Boston, MA

Comfort of Home: Not all pregnancies are the same. It's hard to know how long it'll take for you to recover. Don't worry about getting dressed or having to pack to pack up baby and all things they need. You can simply make space in your living room for our set up and relax, get some rest, make yourself some tea or catch up on your nextflix show.

Family Support: One thing I noticed most during my in-home newborn sessions is the amazing support Grandmas provide during those first few weeks after delivery. There is no need to leave that support for a photoshoot that can be brought to you. Some of the most beautiful photos I've taken during an in-home newborn session are unexpected candid shots of Grandma holding baby while I am changing my sets out.

Newborn photo of baby girl holding a teddy inside of a Moses taken by Boston Newborn Photographer in Salem, MA

Time: Save on time by booking an in-home newborn session. Newborn photoshoots can be time consuming so why not cut down on travel time? Some sessions can take up to 4 hours. A lot of this time is spent settling Baby for that one shot inside of an adorable bed prop or basket. When Babies are in the comfort of their own home, they tend to sleep better speeding up the process.

Flexibility with Timing: With an in-home newborn photoshoot, there's greater flexibility in scheduling, as a photographers can work around the newborn's feeding and sleeping schedule. This can also lead to more relaxed babies leading to a better photos.

Sibling and Pet inclusion:

In-home newborn sessions provide the opportunity to include sibling and pets. Allowing for heartwarming and candid interactions that capture the bond between family members and the new addition. While siblings are most definitely allowed in studio however things tend to go smoother during in-home sessions due to the length of the session.

If you are located in Greater Boston or Southern New Hampshire and are expecting a new bundle of Joy, Vanessa Keo Photography is here for you!

baby photo of baby girl in neutral. tones knitted wrap and bonnet inside of prop basket  taken by Newborn Photographer Vanessa Keo in Middleton, MA

Vanessa Keo Photographer is NH Newborn Photographer, serving Greater Boston and Southern NH. Offering studio and in-home newborn sessions, Maternity Photos and Milestone photos of your Baby up to his or her Cake Smash Photoshoot!

Interested in having a photographer to grow with your family? Submit a booking inquiry here

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