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Southern New Hampshire Maternity Photographer Vanessa Keo | Celebrate Your Pregnancy Bump

Updated: May 21, 2023

Being pregnant were sone of the most joyous experiences in my life. Not because I did everything right or because I always felt amazing but because I was able to bring these little miracles into the world.

1. Journal- These 9 months are going to fly by and being able to look back on the experience is an amazing gift to yourself and later your children. Photographs are not the only thing that should be left behind to remember you. Journals expressing your excitement and elaborating on your experience is a wonderful way to express to your your children how much you love them and how excited you were for their arrival. In addition it will give them a way to relate when it is their turn to bring children into the world.

2. Take photos- It doesn't matter if they are professional photos or taken on your own camera. They key is to have these photos developed. I have told the story of only taken two photos with my first pregnancy. One was a candid shot my husband took on an old flip phone ( this photo no longer exists) & the second photo was taken at a photo booth with my husband during a date night. Sadly, that photo no longer exist either... This photo was so cherished, it was kept on a cork board in our kitchen until it completely faded. That day and those months were so special to me, Just remembering the photo brings back how I felt in those days. Till this day, they felt perfect.

The benefit of taken professional photos is you can let someone else take care of it all. Photographers that specialize in maternity or newborn tend to have client closets and a make up artist that can in brought in to remove the stress from the experience. Shopping during pregnancy, isn't always easy and can get very expensive for items that won't fit in just a few short months.

Vanessa Keo Photography is a full service. We not only capture these moments for you but we make it easy by providing a client closet and offering beautiful heirloom albums that will last through the generations.

3. Get a massage- With my first child I did not have the need for a massages, I was 22 and felt great the entire pregnancy I even worked up until the day I went into labor. The pregnancy of my second child (9 years later) was an entirely different experience. I slept non stop and I had to leave work a few weeks early because I was not able to sit for long periods of time. Massages helped elevate some swelling and pain I had along with lesson my stress & anxiety.

4. Do yoga- Yoga provided me with a lot of the same benefits as the massages did. It helped with back pain and relieving stress. If you've never done yoga before, make sure to find a prenatal class. This will help make sure that the stretches you are doing are safe for you and baby.

5. Spoil yourself- Pregnancy can be an amazing experience but it can also be filled with lots of anxiety, Make sure to take time to love yourself, & show yourself some grace. Indulge a little, there is no better excuse than now. Rest as much as necessary, Take as many naps in the day as it takes. Don't worry about those dishes if you can't get to them and It's ok to order a pizza for your other kids! Remember this way of life is not forever, make sure you put your health and safety before trying to be perfect. The most important is that you are all healthy and safe during this journey.

Vanessa Keo is maternity and newborn photographer located in Souther New Hampshire serving all of New New Hampshire and Boston, MA.

If you are in need of a local studio photographer or would like to inquire about a outdoor maternity session or newborn travel make sure to submit a booking inquiry below!

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