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Mommy and Me Photos Southern New Hampshire

Updated: May 21, 2023

Let's face it, if you're a mom, chances are you have thousands of photos of your children and almost none of them include you. I get it! For starters, I can't remember the last time I had the time to sit and curl my daughter's hair and mine in the same day.

As the memory keepers for our families we spend a lot of our time behind the scenes, making sure things appear picture perfect. The reality is that picture perfect is you in the photo, exactly how you are, beside your little ones, hugging them & kissing those chubby cheeks.

My brother and I are in our 30s and one of our favorite past times is sharing photos we come across of our parents in the same stage to our adult life.

While taking photos of yourself may seem like a lot of work it's important to make the time. These photos are for your children. It's how they can relate to you as they grow, seeing photos of shared or similar experiences. These photos will one day be viewed by your grandchildren and great grandchildren. it will be how they keep your memory alive and how they will feel connected to the past.

What better time to take photos with your kids than when they absolutely adore you!

My three year old is a bit of a sour patch. Some days were best friends and she wants to do everything I am doing and other days she's #teamdad and I'm the villain. lol

There is no better time to capture candid photos full of joy and love than when your children are little. They are less likely to notice the camera and make for a better variety of personality shots instead of poses.

Worried you don't have time to go shopping or you don't know how to do your hair and make up?

Our client closet is full of beautiful dresses and if you'd like a more simple approach we are happy to help find a style that suits you. There have been many times I've done some online shopping with my client to find the right outfits for them.

Need Hair and make up? We can invite a local makeup artist (for an additional fee) to show up to your session and handle it all. Have your own makeup artist? Even better! She's welcome to sit in on the shoot for touch ups.

Vanessa Keo Photography is a Southern New Hampshire newborn photographer specializing in all things motherhood. Interested in newborn, maternity, mommy & me or milestone sessions for little ones?

Our studio is a full service portrait studio. Client closet is available for mothers and newborns. Let us not only capture these beautiful photos but fill your home with wall art and albums that you will cherish forever.

Still not convinced ? Check out fellow photographer Tasha's blog with her take on why Mommy and Me sessions are so important.

Debating wether you want studio or outdoors photos? Leann explains why spring is the perfect time for an outdoor family session (especially with older kids!)

Same little guy as above just 7 days old !!

Same mama as above during her maternity session!!


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