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Newborn Photography Nashua NH : Social Media Images

Can I Opt Out of Having My Newborn's Photo on My Photographer's Social Media?

As a newborn photographer based in Nashua, NH, I understand the importance of capturing those precious first moments of your child's life. The serene innocence of a newborn, their tiny fingers and toes, and the pure joy they bring into the world are all moments worth capturing. However, in today's digital age, many parents are concerned about their child's privacy and may be hesitant to have their newborn's photos shared on social media. This blog aims to address these concerns, reassure you of your rights, and explain how you can have your newborn’s photos taken while protecting their privacy.

Understanding Your Rights as a Parent

Newborn Photo taken by nashua NH newborn photographer Vanessa Keo

First and foremost, it's important to know that as a parent, you have the absolute right to decide whether or not your child's photos are shared on social media. This is a personal decision and one that should be respected by your photographer.

The Role of Model Release Contracts

A model release contract is a document that grants the photographer permission to use the photographs for specific purposes, such as marketing, advertising, or social media sharing. It is not a mandatory part of every photo session. In fact, without your explicit consent through such a release, a photographer legally cannot use your photos for promotional purposes.

Newborn Photography, Nashua NH

Are you interested in a established photographer to handle your Baby’s newborn pictures? If you’re local to Nashua, NH or Manchester, NH  feel free to reach out! If you in the Boston area, my home studio is located 1 hour from Boston in Merrimack, NH.

Privacy Concerns and Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for photographers to showcase their work and attract new clients. However, it also raises legitimate privacy concerns. Many parents are understandably cautious about having their newborn's photos shared online for several reasons:

1. Privacy and Security: Photos shared online can potentially be accessed and misused by anyone. Concerns about child safety and privacy are paramount.

2. Digital Footprint: Once images are posted on social media, they become part of your child's digital footprint, something they might not appreciate later in life.

3. Personal Preferences: Some parents simply prefer to keep their family moments private and off the public domain.

Communicating Your Preferences

When booking a newborn photography session, it’s essential to communicate your preferences regarding social media sharing upfront. Here’s how to approach the conversation with your photographer:

1. Be Clear and Direct: Clearly state your wishes about social media sharing. A simple statement like, "We prefer not to have our child's photos shared on social media," sets a clear boundary.

2. Discuss the Model Release: If presented with a model release contract, read it thoroughly and discuss any concerns with your photographer. You can request modifications or decline to sign it if you're not comfortable.

3. Confirm in Writing: Follow up your verbal communication with an email or written note to ensure there is a record of your request. This helps prevent any misunderstandings.

The Photographer's Perspective

As a photographer, my primary goal is to provide you with beautiful, memorable images of your newborn. While showcasing my work online can help my business grow, respecting my clients' wishes is paramount. Here’s what you can expect from me:

1. Respect for Your Wishes: Your comfort and satisfaction are my top priorities. If you opt out of social media sharing, I will fully respect your decision.

2. Alternative Marketing Methods: There are many ways to promote my services without using your child's photos. I can use images where the baby's identity is not clear, such as close-ups of tiny hands and feet, or opt for other marketing strategies altogether.

3. Transparency: I will be transparent about how your photos will be used and seek your consent before sharing any images.

Ensuring Your Child’s Privacy

If you decide to proceed with a newborn photo session but want to ensure your child's privacy, here are some additional steps you can take:

1. Opt for Anonymous Shots: Request photos that don’t reveal your child's face. Close-ups of hands, feet, or photos from behind can be just as beautiful and artistic.

2. Review the Photos: Ask to review the photos before any are shared online. This gives you control over which images, if any, you are comfortable sharing.

3. Set Boundaries: Establish clear boundaries on where and how photos can be used. For instance, you might be okay with the photos being displayed in a physical portfolio but not online.

Why Privacy Matters

Protecting your child’s privacy isn’t just about preventing their photos from being shared without consent. It’s about giving you peace of mind and control over your family’s digital presence. Here are a few reasons why maintaining privacy can be important:

1. Safety: Protecting your child from potential online threats and ensuring their images are not misused.

2. Future Autonomy: Allowing your child to decide later in life how much of their personal history is available online.

3. Personal Comfort: Many parents simply feel more comfortable knowing that their personal and family moments are kept private.

Building Trust with Your Photographer

Building a trusting relationship with your photographer is key to a successful and stress-free photo session. Here are some tips to ensure a positive experience:

1. Research and Reviews: Choose a photographer with positive reviews and a reputation for respecting clients' wishes.

2. Open Communication: Maintain open and honest communication throughout the process. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or voice concerns.

3. Personal Connection: A good photographer will strive to connect with your family and understand your needs. This personal connection helps in creating a comfortable environment during the photo session.

newborn photo of baby girl taken my professional newborn photographer Vanessa Keo Photography in Nashua NH

My Commitment to You

As your Nashua NH newborn photographer, I am committed to delivering beautiful photos while respecting your privacy preferences. Here’s what you can expect when you choose my services:

1. Personalized Experience: Each session is tailored to your family’s needs and preferences. From the style of photos to the level of privacy you desire, I will work with you to create the perfect experience.

2. No Pressure: You will never be pressured to sign a model release or to share photos if you are not comfortable. Your comfort and trust are far more important than any marketing benefits.

3. Quality Over Quantity: My focus is on providing you with high-quality, timeless images that you will cherish for a lifetime, regardless of whether they are shared online.

You absolutely can opt out of having your newborn’s photos shared on your photographer’s social media. Your child’s privacy is paramount, and your preferences should always be respected. By clearly communicating your wishes, understanding your rights, and building a trusting relationship with your photographer, you can enjoy a beautiful, stress-free newborn photo session.

Remember, the goal of a newborn photography session is to capture the fleeting, precious moments of your child’s early life. Whether or not these moments are shared online should always be your choice. If you have any concerns or questions about privacy and photo sharing, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your photographer. Your peace of mind and satisfaction are what truly matter.

If you’re in the Nashua, NH area and looking for a newborn photographer who respects your privacy and wishes, feel free to reach out. I would be honored to capture these special moments for you and your family, ensuring a beautiful, private keepsake for years to come.


If you’re interested in booking a Nashua NH newborn photographer, inquiring about availability, or learning more about my packages, please reach out. I’d love to chat further.


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