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Top 10 things to do while on maternity leave | NH Newborn Photographer

Updated: May 26, 2023

Maternity leave is such a precious time that allows you to embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood. It's time for you to nurture, bond and create lifelong memories with your little one. In addition to capturing photos of your little one here are 10 things to do while on your maternity leave.

in home newborn photo of baby boy sleeping in a honey bucket wearing a blue bear bonnet taken by Vanessa Keo Photography in Boston, MA

1. Plan ahead: Make a list of things you want to do during your maternity leave to avoid feeling bored or aimless.

2. Connect with other moms: Joining a mom's group or attending new mother classes can be a great way to connect with other new moms and share experiences.

3. Take care of yourself: Take some time to relax and indulge in self-care activities like massages, facials, or yoga.

4. Spend time with your baby: Enjoy quality time with your new baby by reading, singing, or playing together.

5. Explore your city: Take advantage of your time off by exploring your city, visiting museums, parks, or trying new restaurants.

6. Learn something new: Consider taking an online course or learning a new hobby to keep your mind active and engaged.

7. Get outside: Spending time outdoors can improve your mood and boost your energy levels. Go for a walk or hike with your baby.

8. Catch up with friends: Use your maternity leave as an opportunity to catch up with old friends or make new ones.

9. Plan a trip: Consider traveling with your baby to a nearby destination for a change of scenery and new experiences.

10. Rest and recharge: Remember to take breaks and rest when needed. Sleep when your baby sleeps and take time to recharge your batteries.

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