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What to Know Before Booking Your Newborn Photographer

If you are expecting a baby and are interested in booking a beautiful newborn session here are the things you should know before booking your newborn photographer!

1. When is the best time for a newborn photoshoot?

Newborn shoots take place within the first 15 days of giving birth. However, sessions should be booked in the 2nd & 3rd trimester to ensure photographer has availability. Your date will be adjusted once Baby arrives.

newborn baby girl in a mess wrapped in a cream wrap and floral lace headband sleeping while squeezing a teddy bear. Photo was taken by Vanessa Keo Photography in Bedford, NH

Are you in located in Southern NH or the Boston area? if so, Submit booking inquiry here.

2. How do I choose a newborn photographer?

Look for a photographer with a style you love.

There are so many types of newborn photographers! There are prop using photographers with amazing little props who create cohesive galleries in beautiful colors, lifestyle photographers that shoot candid shots with the family & table posing photographers who place babies in a series of different poses on a simple backdrop with a wrap.

3. What should my baby wear or not wear during the session?Dress baby comfortably, don’t spend money on additional outfits! A professional newborn photographer will have a variety of wraps and outfits for baby to wear during the session. If you have a particular outfit you would like to incorporate to your session.Be sure to inform your photographer ahead of time so they can prepare a set incporporating that item or outfit.

photo of newborn baby girl wrapped in a rust colored wrap with floral head band and dads hands. Taken by Vanessa Keo Photography locate in Boston, MA

4. Are there any safety precautions taken during the photoshoot?

Experienced photographers use many different resources to keep baby safe during the session. These resources vary from assistant to posing aids or photoshop to composite an image. Please be sure to choose a newborn photographer with experience. An experienced photographer will have the correct poising aids and would have taken an in person or online mentoring course to learn how to keep baby safe. Posing aids, mentoring, experience and newborn props don’t come cheap for your photographer and that is why you pay a premium for this particular niche.

5. What’s the ideal age for newborn photos (within the first few weeks)? The first 10 days of baby being born are best for newborn photography. Baby is most flexible and sleepy during these first 10 days which allow for easier posing. Not comfortable leaving your home this soon? Look into a photographer that offers in-home sessions! Click here to see the benefits of hiring an in-home photographer.

6. Can I include siblings or family members in the photos? This will vary depends on your photographer. Check out here to see which of my packages include immediate family.

7. What’s the cost of newborn photography and what does it typically include? Packages start around $500 and go upwards of 4,000 when purchasing wall art and albums.

Click here for additional information on my process and pricing

8. How long does a typical newborn photoshoot last? 2-4 hours. Make sure to dress comfortable and pack all needed items for baby (diaper, milk, pacifier). The room is usualyl kept pretty warm to keep baby comfortable during outfit changes.

beautiful African American baby girl wrapped in beige with a knitted bonnet inside of a bamboo basket. Taken by Photographer, Vanessa Keo of Boston, MA

9. What props or themes are available for newborn photos?

My style is best describe organic, boho, & minimalist. I use a variety of wooden props and florals In my sessions. In my opinion this style of newborn photography gives more of a timeless look.

10. Can I request specific poses or styles for the photos? Yes but be sure to ask in advance as not all baby photographers pose baby’s or use props

Vanessa Keo Photography is a portrait studio located in Merrimack, NH serving all of New Hampshire and Boston Area. Vanessa Keo is a Maternity and Newborn Photographer specializing in all things motherhood and your Baby's 1st year journey.

Interested in booking an inquiry or purchasing a gift card? Click here

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