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When Should Newborn Photos Be Taken: NH Newborn Photographer Explains.

When Should Newborn Photos Be Taken: A Guide for New Parents

Capturing the precious moments of a newborn's life is a cherished tradition for many parents. Those tiny fingers, the button nose, and the adorable little yawns—they grow up so fast! So, it's no wonder that parents want to freeze those fleeting moments in time through newborn photography. But when exactly is the best time to schedule a newborn photoshoot?

The Importance of Timing

Newborns change remarkably in their first few weeks of life. They transition from the curled-up, sleepy babies of the first days to more alert and active infants by the end of the first month. Each stage offers its own unique charm and challenges for capturing those perfect moments.

newborn photoshoot of baby girl in a cream bonnet with lace wrapped in a knitted wrap sleeping. Photo taken by newborn photographer Vanessa Keo in Manchester, NH

Within the First Two Weeks

The general consensus among photographers is to schedule newborn photos within the first two weeks of life. During this time, babies are more likely to sleep soundly and curl up into those adorable poses that photographers love to capture. Additionally, newborns tend to have clearer skin and are less likely to develop baby acne or other skin issues during this early stage.

Days 5-10: The Sweet Spot

Within the first two weeks, days 5 to 10 are often considered the sweet spot for newborn photography. By this time, babies have typically settled into a more predictable sleeping pattern, making it easier to capture those peaceful, sleepy poses. Moreover, babies are usually more flexible during this period, allowing photographers to gently mold them into various adorable positions.

Before Day 14: A Priority

Many photographers prioritize scheduling newborn photoshoots before the baby reaches day 14. While it's still possible to capture beautiful images beyond this timeframe, babies may become more alert and less willing to cooperate with posing as they grow older. However, every baby is unique, and some may still be cooperative beyond the two-week mark.

Beyond Two Weeks

If circumstances prevent scheduling a newborn photoshoot within the first two weeks, all hope is not lost! Many photographers are skilled in working with slightly older newborns, up to four to six weeks old. Although babies may be less sleepy and more alert at this stage, photographers can still capture beautiful images showcasing the baby's personality and unique features.

newborn baby boy photoshoot with stethoscopes for a doctor and nurse them newborn photoshoot, Photo taken in Bedford, NH by Newborn Photographer Vanessa Keo
Doctor and Nurse themed newborn photoshoot

Considerations for Preemies

For babies born prematurely, the timing of the photoshoot may need to be adjusted accordingly. Preemies often have different developmental timelines, and their health and readiness for a photoshoot should take precedence over sticking to a specific timeframe. Photographers experienced in working with preemies can offer valuable insights and flexibility in scheduling the session.

Flexibility is Key

Ultimately, the best time for a newborn photoshoot depends on various factors, including the baby's health, the parents' preferences, and the photographer's availability. Flexibility is key when scheduling a session, as babies don't always adhere to strict timelines. A reputable photographer will work closely with parents to accommodate their needs and ensure a successful photoshoot whenever it takes place.

Safety First

Regardless of when the photoshoot occurs, safety should always be the top priority. Newborn photographers should be trained in safe posing techniques and know how to handle babies gently and responsibly. Parents should feel comfortable asking about safety practices and ensuring that their baby's well-being is safeguarded throughout the session.


The window for capturing those precious newborn moments is fleeting, but with careful planning and flexibility, parents can schedule a photoshoot that beautifully immortalizes their baby's early days. If you'd like to guarantee your photographer will have availability for your session be sure to book your session in advance. Your newborn photoshoot can be scheduled as early as your first trimester. Your photographer will set aside time around your due date and session date will be determined once Baby is born.

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newborn photoshoot of baby boy inside a honey bucket sleeping wearing a blue knitted bear hat taken by NH Newborn Photographer Vanessa Keo In Manchester, NH


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